Resources for Argument in the Real World

Kristen Hawley Turner and Troy Hicks

Argument Cover.png
Published by Heinemann, November 2016
Welcome to the companion wiki for our upcoming Heinemann book, Argument in the Real World. You will find here links to resources that are mentioned in the book, as well as additional tools to help you and your students develop their argument skills.

We also hope that you will connect with us on Twitter @teachKHT and @hickstro). ~ Kristen and Troy

  • Chapter 1: The Nature of Argument in a Digital World
  • Chapter 2: Analyzing Arguments that are Born Digital
  • Chapter 3: The Moves of Argument in Web-based Text
  • Chapter 4: The Moves of Argument in Infographics
  • Chapter 5: The Moves of Argument in Video
  • Chapter 6: The Moves of Argument in Social Media
  • Chapter 7: Coaching Students' Work with Digital Arguments

News from/about the book: