Chapter 1: The Nature of Argument in a Digital World

What is Argument in a Digital World?

We read arguments every day. We are inundated by information – and opinions and misinformation – on our devices, and our students are facing the same challenges. Status updates. Hashtags. Blogs. Infographics. Web searches. Any text that we encounter is, at some level, presenting us with an argument. Hyperlinks and multimodal texts present readers and writers with new challenges and possibilities. Our "inquiry cube" represents the knowledge that digital readers and writers need in order to successfully consume and create argumentative texts in a digital world.

Inquiry Cube to Discuss Declarative and Procedural Knowledge of Form and Substance (p. 12)

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Additional Resources

For more resources on teaching digital writing, please check out Troy's blog "Digital Writing, Digital Teaching" and resources on his wiki page. Additionally, check out the companion wiki for the books The Digital Writing Workshop and Crafting Digital Writing. For resources on Connected Reading, check out the companion wiki for the book Connected Reading: Teaching Adolescent Readers in a Digital World.